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Information on Mesothelioma support: 

Our website is a comprehensive resource on the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. About 30 percent of all mesothelioma patients are Veterans.  Our goal is to raise awareness about this disease and provide assistance for mesothelioma patients and their families.

Susan Kolb 

Outreach Coordinator



Chelsea Montanaro


I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, which is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I came in contact with some asbestos working on my family’s farm, but mainly I was exposed during my job as a press operator in the manufacturing of stovetops.

When I was diagnosed with mesothelioma I needed immediate medical attention. I found a few websites on the internet that are supposed to help people with my type of cancer but nobody got back to me.

Then I found Even though I contacted them on a Sunday one of their patient advocates gave me a call back within minutes. They gave me a great deal of helpful information on doctors and resources available to me.

As a result of their website I am now being treated at the national cancer institute and the patient advocates have even provided me with financial assistance so I could afford a place to live during my chemotherapy. If I had not reached out to this website I would likely be homeless and more importantly in Hospice waiting to die. These people gave me my only chance at survival. Virgil Anderson


The Mesothelioma Center (

Kyle Walsh



Carl Jewett

LCDR, US Navy, Retired

Patient Services Director &

VA Accredited Claims Agent